Everything about Halo Infinite

So I’m assuming that Halo Infinite will be the last of the Halo Reclaimer Saga. Yes? So I hope that this could be the best game in the series.

There are two trailers, and it is in development.

Yup, that is just about everything there is to Halo Infinite at this moment.

I hope it’s the best game in the series, regardless of whether or not it’s the last game in the whatever saga

343i has seriously moved away from the “Reclaimer,” denotation- probably as a result of very polarized reactions and a general decline in popularity over the course of the major Halo games they’ve developed and pushed very hard with the “Reclaimer,” tag line.

Multiple times the term “spiritual reboot,” has come up as a description of what they’re aiming for with Infinite, so I’m actually inclined to say that in the truest sense, Halo 5 was the last game in the Reclaimer Saga (maybe we can just call it a Duology). The majority of longtime players are fiercely divided on Halo 4-5, and they obviously haven’t been able to lure in a huge contingent of new loyal players and fans to the franchise. It makes sense to take a step away from what hasn’t been working for most players and fans.

It is a shame that fans of the direction of Halo 4-5 are looking like they’ll be left out in the cold a bit, especially if they were looking forward to some grand culmination of the Reclaimer Saga that’d feel like a true and faithful followup to Halo 4-5. Even so, I think Infinite is aiming for a considerably different tone.