Everything 343i has done, was intentional

Not allowing us to pick game types, locking coatings, armor permutations, and visors to specific cores, overpriced store, horrible progression, timegating events, and the list goes on. Every single thing I’ve stated was done completely on purpose. I’ve been defending 343i since they took over but this feels like an absolute betrayal as corny as that sounds.

I know 343i isn’t this out of touch, there’s no way in hell they are and I’m willing to bet money on that. And we won’t know what 343i is planning to do since the next big update we’ll have is in February


With the growing number of f2p games, especially mobile games, they completely misjudged the general public’s opinion on the monetization of those games. They likely think those systems are popular, but people only play them cause of false advertising to draw them in, then they get addictive on the super-slow progression… until they get bored of never progressing.


I don’t see them reverting much, if any of the concerns people have, this is a store first and a game second at this point and it’s sad to see Halo like this.

I just can’t agree, gameplay comes first and the gameplay is good. Cosmetics are the least important thing to me.

The game is good so I will keep playing, it doesn’t need a progression system, it doesn’t need stats, I just need to enjoy it and I do.

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This also true but forcing us to play a certain mode or playlist is where I draw the line….

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I gotta admit, I’m afraid to play this game too much in the fear that I’ll hate it.
The assault rifle kills mid range now, the plasma pistol doesn’t emp. I could go on and on.
Maybe I’m afraid of change?

Maybe, I am enjoying the weapon Sandbox. The AR is a good and easy to use gun which means players can kill you that might not have been able to before.

Ranked is still super satisfying settings for me so I love the BR starts.