everyone report this cheater

[REDACTED]he teamkills so lets get him banned for it… this goes out to all the cheaters who like to ruin games post there name here and if you can a video so they have to do something about it. and to 343 i will post the video if need be!

You’re not allowed to name people on these forums, not matter what they have allegedly done…

How do you report someone that you haven’t played against?

I don’t think its possible.

you can add then report it and F that they need to take action on the people who ruin the game so they need to put that crap about not posting tags behind them. I wanna play the game i bought and i dont need little kids who thanks trolling is funny to ruin it and if your for trolling in video games i hope you get banned to!!!

Calling out an individual person is against the rules…

OP, regardless of your frustrations, naming and shaming is not allowed.


Ya you should post a video or some proof. Why would should we just take your word for it? People could make these clams just because they got beaten bad by the the person in the game and got angry over it.

> Calling out an individual person is against the rules…

This. Please do not call people out on the forums.

If someone is doing that leave the game, you should be reported for this post though.