Everyone knows...right?

Unless it’s dramatically superior on the 8th of December everyone will be Nostradamus reincarnated.

No, we’re using facts and trends to make informed predictions.

Just like everyone who was naysaying the coating system like a year ago. In the end, the coating system ended up even worse than we predicted.

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Sure, some things like playlist diversity and maybe some weapon tuning I’m willing to be patient on since it’s a beta. That’s completely understandable, no arguments here on that front.

However, some of the progression and store mechanics shouldn’t just get a pass because it’s in beta and free. As far as I’ve seen, no one is saying they should get rid of microtransactions altogether. Everyone understands they need to make money. It’s just that many believe the current implementation of them is bad. It’s not like this is something brand new to video games. We have plenty of other systems to compare it to and many people feel Infinite does it worse than the majority of these other games that are also free to play.

Did they not say that this is the multiplayer content that the game will be available at release?

Nope. They said that this is a Beta and everything in it you can keep once it fully releases. If anything it’s like an early release with a probable update on 12/8. Either way, it is still considered a testing grounds sort of, at least until 12/8.


Yep people who actually read should know because they still want feedback about this multiplayer beta and they said to send your tickets in via halo infinite support, not come here and complain about what you think should be changed because they will not be looking in the forums for anything.

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Funny how most here or elsewhere are complaining about how 343 isn’t listening and take in 0 feedback. Yet don’t use the support system in place, just for that.

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It’s right at the top of any of the forum pages and everyone in the big blue box and it’s kinda funny how most people either just pass it up or I don’t know maybe they just don’t see it at the top of every page…lol

With how much planning was probably needed to do the 20th anniversary event, I suspect 343i knew well in advance that they were going to release a beta build. Which I suspect they took a build shortly after the last flight to use to allow people to begin unlocking some armor and battle passes, and then release the actual launch build on launch.
I mean, the bots show armor and customizations that we can’t get yet, and I would highly doubt they would wait until the next season to release them. Possibly an event, but there does seem to be a lot of things the bots have that aren’t out yet. Plus, of course Elimination.
I am hopeful that true launch has more, but will not get hopes too high… though I can remain excited to play the campaign at least.

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They just added Fiesta to the list so everyone seee this is a BETA and they’re still doing stuff.

So tired of seeing these optimistic ‘beta’ posts.

Look, the feedback we’re seeing is the EXACT same stuff the community reported during both technical flights, and nothing changed.

Additionally, we’re what, 20 days from release? In development time, that’s almost nothing. Combine that with the Thanksgiving holiday, and it is literally nothing.

This is a ‘beta’ in name only, and is the final product until post-release patches are made. After a year delay, 343 is delivering a product that is incomplete, overpriced, and which failed to incorporate community feedback.

It’s likely that its been labelled as a beta to temper peoples expectations. It’s quite easy to see why there are some who don’t feel like it’s a beta seeing as 343 are readily accepting microtransactions (although this isn’t the only game to do that)

I think the symantics of the name aren’t really worth the time or effort to debate. The ‘official release date’ for Halo Infinite was 8th december, and 343 have chosen to open MP play earlier, making this an early access, beta, preflight, technical test, pre-launch shindig, whatever you want to call it.

Frankly they can call it anything they like, so long as constructive feedback is being collected and will eventually be acted on in a positive manner.

Are you blind and missed the big “LIMITED TIME GAME MODE” that immediately preceeded them announcing Fiesta in the trailer?

We want more PERMANENT game modes.

Yeah except Halo 5 did that with Infection, hid away game modes, was that in beta? No. No it was not. This is just scummy business practices at work, I’m glad I uninstalled Infinite, the gameplay is great but the fact that:

  1. Fiesta in the event was NOT added to custom games

  2. Selecting saved custom game types in the menus crashes me out of the game

  3. The insane amount of lying 343 did to push this predatory storefront on us

absolutely killed any chances I was willing to give this game.

How about just release a finished game :joy:

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Can you name another “beta” that has a full working battle pass and store?

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You can purchase things and stats carry over. The game went gold days ago (That means the game is done, and only patches can be made from here on out). 343 is calling it a beta to shield themselves from criticism before the first few patches go out. In reality, it’s effectively a limited prerelease. It’s totally fair and responsible to hammer 343 and Microsoft for what they’re doing. If you sit back and say nothing or defend them, you’re only hurting the game and everyone who wants it to be a good experience.

Nobody wins when you try to defend a corporation.

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Isn’t the store and related features the only thing that they have finished when AAA games release these days?

Beta or not, we’ve been told that this is essentially 99.99% exactly what we will get on day one.

Calling it beta is a polite way of calling it early access.

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Well about 95% of the complaints I’ve heard are fixable/adjustable in the next few months/year, this is not to brush them aside, for example Infinite is missing tons of game modes and features (Forge, Firefight, Coop Campaign, even stuff like maps not being enough) but I think its a bit crazy to think they won’t improve most things.

This is not blind optimism, unless you just believe that 343i will never do anything besides release cosmetics (which would be unprecedented and wouldn’t work) I don’t see the arguments you could make.
You might be new to 343i but I’m not… They’ll experiment the next few months, stumble upon something that doesn’t get universal anger (I’m referring to the F2P model here) then they’ll settle on that and go forward with that same concept for years. Everything will be late, and it may or may not work at release (of that feature or whatever) but overall the gameplay is solid so unless 343i do engine changes or something absurd to break it I don’t see how 343i can screw this up,

343i failed overall with 4/5 not because they were “greedy” but because the games they designed were trash at their core, and no amount of content released post launch would make up for this. 343i just needs to release cosmetics that people give a damn about, maps/modes that are familiar (Invasion please) and add stuff that long time fans are sorely missing (playable elites, dual-wielding, maps, modes, this sort of thing)

Nice try boomer

Seriously though, I personally wonder if 343i spent that whole time working on Infinite exclusively. 343i are probably going to release another game I bet. As incompetent as 343i have been since they took the mantle, I cannot fathom a reason they needed 6 years for Infinite in its current state.