Everyone knows...right?

They know this is still technically in beta right? This is like a big tech test. They have sometime before launch to fix, tune, and dail things in. They said from the jump. It’s a beta. I don’t like the progression and “pay to progress” but this undoubtly the best Halo 343 has made. In my modest opinion, they’re way more on track than ever before, and we should enjoy it. I mean it is FREE let them try and make a little bit of their overhead back before launch, they rolled the dice make it FTP. Like i mentioned before, i don’t like it, but it’s the business side of the industry.

Again…it’s like we’re paying to play. We need to stop complaining as if we paid for this.

Remember: still in beta and send in those tickets!


I’ve seen a few people claiming they don’t feel that way, that they don’t consider this a ‘beta’. That’s fine, I won’t fault them for feeling that way, but I can sympathize with some of the things they dislike for sure. I really hope somewhere close down the road they fix quite a few of the glaring issues players have. Until then, I’ll just keep playing.


And for those who say “this is everything and not really beta” the achievement MEDIC! shows another gamemode exists that we haven’t gotten to play yet.


Yeah people are already acting all Nostradamus and trying to put the final nail in Infinite’s coffin and that game is still in beta lol.

Infinite will be drastically superior in a few months time.


Exactly we don’t have that mode yet so there is more to come

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It’s not really in beta. I mean, they’re calling it that, but nothing is really gonna magically change on Dec. 8th.


Why is the in game store open for business to its fullest then? This is the full game. Maybe 343 is calling it a beta so they can have a chance at changing things around while having the excuse of “beta”? Idk… but it doesn’t feel like a beta. Unfinished, sure. But not a beta.


It’s not a beta. This is like, a delta. We’re less than two weeks from release. It’s a demo of the finished product.


I’m not sure that it really matters if it’s beta or not.

I’m assuming (hoping) that 343 are committed to this thing for the next decade.

Sometimes the tweaks will be small. Sometimes bigger.

I imagine the game will be a bit different come December. And then again each Season or so. It will (hopefully) be unrecognisable in a few years.

And doing the same but opposite outlook is, different how?


I feel people tend to not feel so strongly about the word ‘BETA’ when they have to pay to test the ‘Premium’ Battle Pass for said ‘Beta’, if you feel confident enough in your game to charge for the in-game items, then you better prepare for people to let you know they want there money’s worth!

Whilst the game itself is free, the time it takes to progress and cost to get these new items is very real and very concerning.

PS: Beta Testing is about complaining, Feedback makes the boat float


Some of people’s concerns aren’t trying to say the game is bad, but want it to be better.


This is true that it is in beta, but that is why I think that feedback is very important. I am someone that played a lot of WoW. Where people said “relax, it’s just beta” and then it never changed. I have more faith in 343’s ability to listen, but that’s why we need to bring our feedback up. Maybe more calmly.


So what do you call something that is unfinished and being tested out… Bear with me now it’s a long word… It’s called a… Beta


I don’t know, to me it feels like an incomplete release build. But I guess that’s exactly what a beta should look like a few weeks away from launch.

Three weeks is not enough time to fix anything major that players complain about in this “beta” unless it has already been in the works for a few weeks. Turnover on a massive program like modern video games is not usually quick.

This is a server stress test at most.


I suspect it wasn’t really launch build. If it was, that MEDIC! achievement wouldn’t be possible to get on launch.

You are not wrong, but perhaps they are collecting data (from forums and tickets) to work on thoae things. Maybe they’ll shut down the beta soon and fine tune it. I know i’m being optimistic but we don’t know what they’re planning at 343. I will say this: it ain’t as bad as BF2042 or CoDVG

You do have a point there, Halo’s biggest competitors are in even worse condition. We at least got a game where the core gameplay is pretty solid.


There is no “full” version of the game that’s different than this one; you are playing the latest build that passed deployment tests. They use “Beta” to get away with releasing an unfinished game, because well it’s not finished. Lot of politics at play here and they’re in quicksand.