Everyone complaining about BP and cosmetics but there’s another big issue here…

The pistol has always been iconic and OP even in halo CE it was the beans. And the AR is defo the best so far out of all the halos.

The pistol is more ranged and in some circumstances mabye more accurate

The AR is a mid range weapon. The sidekick is listed as a close range weapon. They say this in the weapon description and it shows in game.

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well thats hilarious :joy::joy::joy:

They also said there would be no paywall for armour :woman_shrugging::man_facepalming:


The commando is underpowered right now, outclassed by the br and sidekick in ttk and effectivness. The ravager is absolutely useless, except for its alt fire mode, which doesn’t do enough damage or last long enough and takes too much ammo. Bulldog fire rate is a bit too slow to really be good enough at cqb to be worth it over just an ar and melee. Ar is just slightly weak enough to make it inconsistent to use and reliant on spread rng, it needs to kill one bullet faster. And obviously the plasma pistol is just -Yoink!-.

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The ravengers a poor mans brute shot :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You are frustratingly delusional. Have a good time in fairytale land my guy. Come back to me when you’ve taken your meds.

I can’t really say the Halo 2 pistol was very well received. I can’t remember a single time except out of desperation that someone used the Halo 2 pistol and the Halo 3 pistol was better when dual wielding. The Halo 4 pistol is where it started to really pull back towards greatness, but even then it was not everyone’s first choice (which is fine, it’s a secondary for a reason).

I hope if we keep talking about the radar 343 will address it. They gave a kind of meaningless response in saying they’d make it 22m in BTB, so at least they are kind of listening, but I don’t know why they refuse to just make it 25m in all modes again. Nobody had a problem with it before, and so many people do now.

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I’ve seen plenty of complaints about the more piddly weapons in the sandbox, especially since the fiesta event started. I’ve heard complaints particularly about the disruptor pistol, The Ravager, the Commando, Plasma Pistol, Hydra, and Banshee. I don’t think people are forgetting about those as an issue, but the other problems seem like a higher priority.


It’s still good for the noob combo. I’ll often swap my assault rifle for it for that reason alone. Also, if you’ve got a teammate with a headshot capable weapon to back you up you don’t even need the combo. I’m much happier with the plasma pistol than say, the Ravager. I’m also happier with it than the commando.

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I think most weapons feel good tbh. The commando could do with a buff, plasma pistol really needs one + emp. The pulse carbine needs better tracking. That’s about it though really, I’m Happy with everything else. They’ll definitely make changes, the game has been out over a week and they’re having a small break pre launch. The whole community know what needs addressing, 343 listened throughout the flights so I’m sure they won’t stop listening now

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There are very few strong weapons right now. Most of the guns seem on the weaker side and some are downright useless. Particularly the Ravager, Hydra, Pulse Carbine, Commando, Plasma Pistol, Needler, and Sentinel Beam. I have completely stopped picking up these weapons because I see no use at this point.

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How about fixing the shotgun and the hammer distance is op either then that I feel the weapons are balanced what I would like is in rank no highlighted enemys and for cross-platform no aim assist this will make things more competitive feeling n not like ur getting enemies spotted out for u

I agree and was actually having this conversation last night with one of my buddies while playing. The Infinite sandbox feels very flat. I guess this just how 343i just designs sandboxes, because it’s been this way since 4. There are “loadout weapons” (BR, AR, Sidekick), “power weapons” (Rockets, Skewer, Sniper) and there are “niche weapons” (everything else). The niche weapons are the problem. They feel awesome to use in a vacuum but are so situational that they either feel completely overpowered in that situation, or completely useless. There is little to no overlap in that. The Pulse Carbine stands out to me as the ultimate example of this. Too close and it’s bullets are too slow. Too far and it loses tracking. But right in that middle-ground it is almost unbeatable.

The problem is that this creates 2 things:

A.) Stale rock-paper-scissors balance where you win/lose fights because you or do not have the right weapon for the job.

B.) A meta where the “loadout weapons” dominate all others because they are actually consistent and people stop picking up the other weapons because of that.

It’s a real issue.

Edit: I also recognize that this is how all Halo games have been balanced. My problem with 343i’s balance is the rock-paper-scissors nature of it all. In 3/Reach the AR and BR/DMR overlapped effectiveness at close ranges. This allowed either to feel like the proper weapon to use in that regard. Where in Infinite that grey area is sanded away to have 2 very specific use cases. It feels as if the AR in Infinite is a actually a tier 2 weapon like the SMG or Storm Rifle. In its intended range it is unbeatable other than to power weapons, and the ease of use makes that especially true.

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Everyone seems to have frustrations with the Cindershot. I just learned this recently: If you zoom in with the Cindershot and fire, it tracks your reticle!!! How cool is that?

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I wish people would stop complaining that most the sandbox isn’t entirely useless.
Everything has a use case.
Just learn how to manage scenarios and stop asking for all the weapons to be nerfed please.

The radar is perfect if you arenpaying attention it gives you just enough time to avoid getting hit in the back.
Gamebis my favourite launch sandbox in the longest time everything is useful and has a place nothing feels redundant gameplay is excellent.

I dont know how anyone can garuntee something so obviously brilliant is mediocre haha.
Map pool is underwhelming though not much visual variety and so few. Especially for the marquee mode marketed to the playerbase.

@SuperKittyLeia why don’t you like the commando?
I really like it now that I tap fire not hold fire.

@l_HyperLethal_l people love QQing about dying to rockets. The balancing is fine, I mean has this guy even played ranked? BR start, and all weapons that spawn on the map - makes for very balanced and fair gameplay.

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Balancing issues are to be expected in a launch. Atrocious store pricing is not. Tweaks of balancing gameplay is fairly standard, but this needs to be handled first. Otherwise, the launch will be surrounded in controversy

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