Everyone complaining about BP and cosmetics but there’s another big issue here…

And that is weapon balancing…. Too many OP weapons and too many underpowered low damage weapons and it’s all going to get overlooked now because of the battle pass system and the gameplay is going to stay mediocre i guarantee it…the sandbox needs to be addressed and it’s very apparent in fiesta how unbalanced it is….

Also the radar of course but that’s a whole other topic I think I’ve lost all hope in 343 the game has a great foundation but I feel this game is not going to see that many updates to playlists or the sandbox what a shame…


Personally, aside from the Plasma Pistol, I don’t really feel like I can say that there’s too many weak vs strong weapons. The Plasma Pistol is about the only weapon that feels super weak and that’s because it has low to no tracking capability and firing it at someone does very little.

Every other weapon though is where I feel it should be based on what role and weapon type it is. What weapons exactly do you feel are so over/underpowered that it’s throwing weapon balance off whack if I might ask?

Your problem is you’re gauging sandbox balance in Fiesta. A gamemode meant to be fun.

Secondly, what do you mean the sandbox is going to be mediocre forever? The game is going to be updated for 10 years. Not like the sandbox will need much tuning as it stands currently.


All the weapons feel pretty balanced to me currently. There’s not really any weapons that I consider too OP with those that are very powerful being power weapons like the Hammer or Rocket Launcher which is how they’re supposed to be.

If there is a problem it’d be that a couple are a bit too niche such as the Plasma and Disruptor Pistols, being good for a specific purpose that people don’t really want to carry them for the hassle of it.

Edit: Correction, I do think the Commando is one weapon that needs a bunch more tweaking.


Also worth considering that if a weapon needs to be looked into, they can just assign a challenge with it, and that will provide them with a plethora of player data on how the weapon is preforming.

A gamemode meant to be fun, but suffers from this exact issue. The weapon distribution is garbage and it increases the severity of the awful weapon balancing. They did fiesta correctly in MCC and somehow have managed to ruin it in Infinite. It’s exactly the same thing with half the ‘features’ in this game, its mind blowing.

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Care to name any? We know there’s a few weapons that need buffs but it’s far from terrible.

While I agree some weapons are very powerful I also feel some needs to be buffed. The Plasma rifle is doodoo and the ravager was nerfed and isn’t as useful as before. I would like a buff to both these weapons.

Sidekick is far too strong at all ranges (outclasses AR and rivals BR at long). Mangler does too much initial damage + banished melee bonus (easy cheese, but slightly mitigated by large drop-off and slow projectile speed). Commando doesn’t belong anywhere (low damage bad recoil). Plasma pistol is unsable. BR gets outclassed by AR everywhere bar long ranges (invalidates the weapon almost entirely). Disruptor doesn’t have any tactical value in most instances, and utilising the bleed damage is next-to impossible when you go against literally any other weapon. Pulse carbine is not usable on any map (likely more a map design issue, of which there is a big one in this game).

The sidekick alone makes the weapon balance awful. There is no reason why it should be this strong, plus it doesn’t punish for bad gunplay. You can spam to your hearts content and win a gunfight. Couple that with controller aim assist and you effectively have an aimbot with guaranteed hits.

The weapon distribution in fiesta compounds this by allocating one team usable weapons, and the other with nothing of any value. 85% of the games I play in fiesta are gargantuanly one-sided because one team gets all the most powerful power weapons, and heres me spawing with an AR and distruptor every single time.

The sandbox is janky at best, and fiesta is just a luck of the draw game to see which team spawns with hammer and rockets. It’s not remotely fun or engaging, specially with these awful challenges integrated to it.

Omfg again with the sidekick crap?

I refuse to have this conversation again. The sidekick isn’t overpowered by any means.

I spent the last 2 days arguing with people claiming the sidekick outguns this and that. When in reality, the player is just a good shot.

There’s no hard counters for good aim. There’s only better aim. That’s it.

That’s all I’m gonna say.


You are completely incorrect and you refuse to even acknowledge your terrible take, or even any other weapon I brought up. In what universe is it balanced to be outgunned by a pistol over an assault rifle? At literally any range? You cannot reasonably say that weapon is remotely balanced in any way shape or form. Get a grip and get off your high-horse, you don’t understand the first thing about gunplay or weapon sandboxes.

Before you even type your next response, I’m just going to tell you I don’t care.

I know a lot about weapon balance, actually. Can you tell me the optimal TTK of the sidekick or the AR?

Can you tell me the current size of the aim assist cone of the sidekick?

Tell me the current dynamic both the AR and Sidekick share in the weapon sandbox.

What game are you playing? Because it is not Halo Infinite

Every weapon has it place (with some exceptions). It is perfect? no, but there is not such thing as perfect balance

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Speaking from my experience, the Sidekick serves its name perfectly. Even with some PC pistoleros, I win the majority of my matchups against a pistol user with my AR, and given how - whether in BTB or Arena - the majority of the ally and enemy team stick to theirs, the sentiment seems to be generally shared.

Its a great sidearm to swap to when you need that last headshot after taking down their shields or when you need it for a slight bit more range, not to mention being the smoothest-shooting pistol ever in a Halo game in my opinion. Where it is now is rather balanced.


If you don’t care, why ask me to list those stats? Pick one you complete -Yoink!-.

Off the top of my head I can’t, but theres clearly an issue with these numbers because they are allowing for far too much abuse at far too many ranges of a weapon that shouldn’t be used at said-ranges. The optimal TTK of the AR and sidekick are very similar (around 1-1.8 secs?), and they are far shorter than the majority of weapons in the game. Which doesn’t make sense when they are considered starting weapons. Again, give me one good reason why the TTK of a pistol should be shorter than that of an AR at the same effective ranges? Why should it even come close at mid-long range? It shouldn’t, because that invalidates the use of the AR. The game simply does not punish for spam with the sidekick, you cannot give a reasonable excuse for this. It’s bad gunplay design and you are endorsing it because you get on with it.

Exactly. You can’t think off the of your head.

The optimal ttk for the sidekick is 1.10s and 1.25s for the AR. I know this because I look stuff up. I want this game to be the best it can be so I want my info to be correct right?

The have a blog in the news section that gives you the aim assist cones for a select group of weapons. The sidekick’s aa cone size is 6.25 degrees.

The current dynamic for these two weapons have basically switched places from the typical norm. Instead of the pistol being the ranged option, it’s the AR.

The ttk for the pistol is shorter than the AR is because the AR currently has the ranged advantage. So the way it is now, a good AR shot beats sidekick and vice versa. There’s no reason to change that.

Exactly! How is 343 going to have 20 years of Halo weaponry and have such an empty sandbox for weapons? No old school shotgun was already annoying, but no Spartan Laser or even Smgs? Nice way to give the middle finger to the Halo’s legacy.


Im so disappointed the plasma pistole no longer stalls vehicles


The AR doesn’t have a ranged advantage though. The sidekick is better and more accurate than the AR at long and mid ranges. You are literally proving my point with your replies man.

I do not care if you look stuff up, that doesn’t make you correct with your points. That’s called arrogance and you suffer epic-style from it.

A pistol has lower TTK than an Assault Rifle, is more accurate at longer ranges, and is being used as an opener, sustainer, and finisher all at once. I am dumbstruck that you think this is acceptably balanced. You need a reality check.

That is extremely false? What are you talking about? You realize you need seven shots to get that optimal kill time? Missing shots increases that kill time. It won’t take much for you too outgun someone with a poor shot.

What the kill times accomplish is they help create the layer of skill required to get a kill. Along with accuracy, bloom, any other stat that directly impacts kill time.

Well, looking things up help you make more informed takes. That’s why you sound as stupid as you do right now.

No it’s not more accurate than the AR. My god. Can you play the game more? Please? This isn’t CoD.