Everyone Calm Down and Lower your Expectations.

343i can’t please everyone. If you expect the worst, there’s no way to be disappointed when these updates don’t live up to our (somewhat unrealistic) expectations. They ARE listening.

It would help if they didn’t do silly amateur -Yoink- like covering items. Clarity wins the day, we’re going to wait anyway, just come out with it. Note: as a person who didn’t care/see the falcon happening.

I must say a little surprised by the vitriol this reveal generated. The imaginary falcon and the weak, it should have been there at launch, or we asked this six months ago, takes. It is a very good update, with many improvements.

The only time I was told to lower my expectations was when I watched Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace and Halo 4 and 5. I did lower them and that movie still disappointed me and these games did the same. Telling someone to lower their expectations doesn’t solve the problem, instead just tell them not see the movie or buy the game. I had one person tell me not to buy the game, I wish I would have listened and I only payed $20 for it and still feel ripped off.