Everybody Should Read This...

i have a long list of ideas and changes that i think a lot of people will agree with. please like, copy, and paste all over, spread the ideas you like so they get in the game!!!
First of all, I think we should take a good look at the very first halo game. do we remember how master chief held the magnum? it was kindof in the middle of the screen and held halfway aiming down the sights. on top of that the magnum had some built in nightsights. I personally like that way better then holding a pistol at your side like a smg or rifle. now in halo 5 beta iron sights of some kind has already been added, but i think that at least some of the guns, including the magnum, should have no holographic things when aimed, it should just be some normal iron sights, in halo nightfall they don’t have holographic popup sights on their pistols, but obviously aimed… i specifically think that the magnum, shotgun, SAW if added should have plain non electronic iron sights, along with any other guns 343 industries feels is nessisary to have ironsights where the hip fire ridicule disappears while aiming.
okay and now that is over with. summed up ideas that i think with make people play this game 24/7!!
2. I think its great that 343 is aiming at making the beta have everyone start off with the same or similar stuff is good, for testing purposes, but one of the things about halo 4 multiplayer compared to halo reach was that you could make your own load out. because realistically a spartan trained to shoot faces should not be sent to the front lines with an assault rifle, that does not even make sense… no they would make sure to pick up a dmr or a battle rifle, and halo 4 also had the glorious feature of having weapons with different camos. so you could mess some people up and do it with your own style. so with keeping the load outs, adding many more camos for weapons, how about we push for some simple attachments? maybe like after a hundred head shot medals with the assault rifle you would unlock a laser attachment. but the same thing for the pistol would unlock you the flip up holographic thingy that the standard iron sight already? silencer that keeps you off the radar for most human guns. maybe something awesome as hell like a silenced plasma pistol that shoots a quieter, darker energy ball?
3. so with load outs, unlock-able camos and attachments for guns, we need to talk about the guns themselves… halo, seems to not have evolved in its guns. by that i mean, call of duty advanced warfare added variations of their guns, pretty much weapon camos that change small features about the weapon and small changes to its stats. these simple changes have changed call of duty. its not a “oh this is someones gun with an attachment.” its an " wow, this gun is gold and pink plated, and that one looks just like the other one but its laser is a different color…" they made it exciting to pick up somebodies gun. because they gave the people the ability to make it THEIR gun. halo can do this. easy. i can see it, people running around if silenced and full auto variants of the plasma pistol, a three round burst attachment for the covenant carbine, a three pronged energy sword that has an area of effect attack. some would be the normal version with one/many attachment, or a new gun thats a similar variation and has a similar name. halo already effectively did this in halo 4 by adding in the SAW, variation of the assault rifle. now we need a few more human pistols, shotguns, and rifles, and some more plasma versions and covenant versions Example: covenant carbine vs single shot plasma rifle, covenant energy pistol vs plasma pistol . the possibilities are endless, way way more endless then the attachments and variations you can think of for guns in a call of duty setting. i hope that 343 industries understands they can make an incredible game that people will do more then just play, they will make memories, waste hours upon hours building forge maps, killing red and blue people, and creating better friendships.
4. so going into detail with the load outs, i think that the smg belongs in the available secondary weapons to choose from. the dmr and the battle rifle obviously, choose-able primaries, like in halo 4. cov carbine and plasma rifle, storm rifle and plasma pistol, along with all variations of those guns. here are some more ideas, the needle rifle from halo reach, but not the needler, needler should be ordinance, because of its bast shooting speed and the ability to blow people up with it. i also think the grenade launcher should be an available secondary weapon. i think there should be a knife weapon that has the ability to do assassinations from the front if enabled. this knife weapon would not be for multiplayer, but more for forge, custom games, and cinematic.
5. so all of the above has the sole goal of making every spartan unique
343 has already done this with the many spartan armors and the ability to mix and match right shoulder and left shoulder pads, legs, wrists, visors, and obviously helmets.
the armor customization and the load outs of unique weapons will ensure that every spartan has their own identity. obviously some game modes will have to use pre-made classes, just like in halo 4.
6. i think that all Spartans movement speed should be upped by 10% at least, even sprinting i feel like the momentum of such an amount should move faster.
7. i think that the generic 4 v 4 should be permanently bumped up to 6 v 6. playing the beta, i constantly find myself being abandoned by my team mates and meet 2 to 3 enemies at once, its annoying, especially when its the same two maps over and over, its driving me a bit crazy
8. doing the sprint boost thing into someone should produce the same effect as getting hijacked out of a vehicle. because right now its pretty self defeating, you do it into to someone, the punch out, and by the time you have your weapon back up and its first person view again they are already shooting at you, and neither of you has a shield. maybe its just me, but that’s happened to me about 60% of the time.
9. forge and custom games Needs the ability to make people start without weapons, none at all. also would be cool if you could enable an option where you have to collect grenades with X like picking up a weapon.
10. i think in forge maps or custom gametypes you should be able to customize the damage values for different weapons. for example, making only the plasma sword do 50% damage while player damage output and resistance are turned up, so the plasma sword just takes more hits to kill. things like that…
11. forge needs the ability to place AI spawn points. you could even make it so the AI spawn point can be assigned a team, for example, blue team could spawn however many ODSTs or grunts to fight along side them every “blah” seconds at certain spawnpoints placed in forge. this would pretty much be a custom games and cinimatics use only, but it would be interesting to see some red ODSTs or blue marines helping the Spartans of big team battle.
12. and lastly, if everything here were to be ignored and forgotten, if i just typed for like 2 hours streight for no reason, at least do this: make a forge world like the one in halo reach. big and not with water everywhere. but with water like halo reach, not halo 4, nobody likes dieing when you get knee deep in water. and be generous with those soft kill barriers, the best part is having a map that’s not perfect. like sand box from halo 3

By the way I did not write, this william7733 did I suggest you take a look at the original thread here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/6e35355aecdf4fd0acdaee3cc4156fd4/topics/based-on-the-feedback-you-ve-provided/d16c2c96-456d-4f87-958a-9493555415d9/posts?page=3#post41