Every thing that matters

I’m still playing halo 3 I love halo 4 but what I don’t like is I’m a sniper player and can not get the weapon but a few times in a game. You will get the rifle but no time to really play with it I would like to see the game played with other weapon than shot gun, scatter shot etc no real p,ay with sniper and lazer etc. I’m a br player on 3 but 4 br sucks the under dog that don’t make me mad i will over come this with my sniper that I rarely get to play with. I’ve start It playing cod that game may be the better game? over all 343 made this game all on loud outs. That’s fine over come the game it’s fun playing with load outs you took the weapon placement out of the game and brought nothing to the table why can’t I customize a ordinance drop out the way I see fit? Weapon placement i knew and know where the weapon I play with are so i play that way for that game. Halo 3 sniper I’m ok with it not the best but it took a lot of practice to get where I’m at now. Halo 4 the sniper is easier but I still want it in my hands with my ordnance drop let me customize them that will bring this game to the next level. If you have to make rules on them that is fine i leave that to you…?..?.?..

Ever heard of the gametype Team Snipers

CoD is on loadouts too bro. If you really want to play with the Sniper Rifle in Halo 4, I’m sure you’ve seen the Team Snipers playlist.

Yeah your right but they just put team sniper back I’ve not played in 3 weeks. I would still rather play with it in infinity more than team sniper but I love it i got on today on my bro account no gold on mine.

Team Snipers is back and it is much better

First off I have never been a huge fan of the Load out system in CoD and I really don’t care for it in Halo but at least you can’t equip power weapons.

Try team snipers playlist to get your sniper fix.

Every thing that matters destiny bungie is makeing a new game will it ut halo down??!?

I tried to read this but the OP is basically speaking gibberish.