Every playlist with bot alternative customs?

Think it would be cool if for every playlist, there is a button to search for games and a button option to try the playlist in custom games and it immediately sets up a custom game lobby with bots with the settings of the playlist and the selection of maps available in the playlist with any changes to the maps that playlist brings. Players can then choose their map/gametype from the predetermined playlist list.

This would allow players to test the playlist first with bots to see if they like the settings and teach them the differences between social and ranked settings in a safe environment. I think this would give greater freedom to having differences in ranked if needed as you wouldn’t be as concerned about players being confused about the two modes changing settings or weapon placements.

Would love to see the casual maps have more chaotic weapons and placements compared to a more finely tuned ranked experience. I think having the maps feel vastly different in both modes is key to making social and ranked feel like two completely different experiences so people have a good reason to play a bit of both. Another way to accomplish this would be to go back to 5v5 for social slayer/skirmish… Just throwing that out there.