Every month I check up on Halo news to see what's changed and I'm disappointed everytime

The game is still in the same damn state it launched in, if not a worse one due to declining populations destroying match making quality. This is starting to become a twisted cruel joke.


The excuses have been being a beta, free to play, covid, rebooted development, and most recently the war in Ukraine.
Those are the excuses I remember, I am sure there are more and would love if someone could improve my list.
They keep insisting they learn from each bad release too. I feel your frustration.

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I’ll gladly say this again.

343i had 5 years + 1 additional year to develop Halo Infinite. There’s no good excuse for a game to be in development for that long only for it’s developers to prioritize monetization over content.


Same. I still post here once in a while, and I was hoping as of late there would be some decent updates, but in 343i fashion, big nope. They even managed to ruin MCC again and I can’t even enjoy that. What a joke. Wouldn’t surprise me if they self-sabotaged MCC servers because they realized that’s where people are going back to, but they don’t make the $$$ off of it. The Halo franchise needs to die at this point.


I feel like they must have burned through their huge budget without much to show for it, and hoped they could use the revenue from the store as a means to finish the game post launch and to keep investors/MS happy.
Not an excuse or anything. Just my theory,