every halo Multiplayer map [image] <vote for the best>

That image took a very long time to make, I am 99% sure that it contains every single halo map that has ever been on console. The only maps I purposely excluded were Forge World and Foundry.

I have seen a lot of threads going around telling people to post their favorite maps and which ones they would like to see remade, which is cool, but it is messy. You can view the image to jog your memory of the past maps, then do a more ‘informed/aware’ vote towards which maps you would like to see redone.

sweet thanks!

Id really like to see containment again.

> sweet thanks!
> Id really like to see containment again.

Yes! That, and Waterworks.

My ideal Halo map selection:
Boarding Action (M)
Foundation (M)
Relic (L)
Tombstone (M)
Turf (M)
Warlock (S)
Construct (M)
Longshore (L)
Sandtrap (XL)
Standoff (L)
Valhalla (L)
Boardwalk (M)
Condemned (M)
Zealot (S)
Sandbox-Default (M)
Kingdom (M)

Hmm . . . 2 small maps, 9 medium maps, 4 large maps, and 1 extra large map. I think a fairly good split though I think medium and small arge maps gives the best frantic BTB experience.

The Pit

I really hope 343 puts in more BTB maps. The only ones that came with the disk were primarily suitable for invasion. Which means the only other maps we get in BTB right now are gray maps.


More BTB maps are key to halo 4 …

Valhalla and Guardian