Every couple off games I crash

Not hating, game is still fresh in the public oven.

Pixel Collider specs.
Asus ROG Strix X570-E
Ryzen9 5950X
Corsair Dominator PlatRGB DDR4
H150i Elite Capellix AIO
3x 120mm CORSAIR ML120 P-RGB
2TB Corsair MP600 M.2 PCIe
Samsung 2TB 870 EVO 2.5
Seagate 2TB Barracuda
Corsair RM1000X PSU
EVGA 3080 Ti FTW3Ultra.
Driver 496.76
(nothing OC’d all running stock clocks)

Had no crashes at all until after the patch the other day now the game just freezes mid game & CTD, & its random, can play for 2-3hrs till crash other times its first game after booting up within 30s sec of starting that game
All temps are monitored & are fine CPU 60c/GPU 62c<both under load in game.
HD res pack unchecked in steam
Tried running game in multiple configs
Async on/off
Simulation low to ultra
Animation auto & max
Still has borks

One thing I have noticed is it seems to crash less when I cap my FPS @130, I normal like to run fps around 150-160 with the higher fps it seems to be locking up more.
Another thing I cant see nothing relating to the game in event viewer logs but do see alerts about ICUE (Corsair) all around same time as CTD so may be worth looking into?

Going to try game capped at 130fps with ICU turned off see how things go.
If thread is not closed (seen a lot of crash threads shut) I will report back.
GG have fun.

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i get a freeze every game as well now, unplayable for me.

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I have a high end comp like you and I’m sad to admit that I crash more often than I should.

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That’s not good to hear. I hope they improve that ASAP.

Performance has been absolutely perfect on Series X.