Every armor ever made in Halo

My personal opinion on armor in Halo Infinite is that every single piece of armor made from combat evolved all the way through Halo 5 should be in Halo Infinite. Obviously including new styles. But just to make the general and new population happy I don’t see why that would be a problem. Then everyone can rock their favorite armor and be happy. Thoughts?

This includes special armor as well. (Even if you have to complete a challenge to get it) such as achilles, haunted helmet and so on.

idk, there is a lot of baggage from Halo 5 that I am willing to drop. If we are going to have this many armors again, and presumably more like you wish, we need to remember how they will mesh with the new art style and how it will affect armory organization as this was a critical failure of halo 5.

If the armory becomes oversaturated and difficult to navigate again it can really suck the fun out of customization.

I’m fine if they keep the iconic ones and introduce some new ones. I’m pretty sure they will continously add stuff so there’s no need to have all the mediocre one’s from halo 5 and halo 4 at launch tbh. I found it rather annoying sorting through all the armor choices in h5 although that’s also partly because of the (imo) poor UI from h5.

I think they should always make an attempt to keep armor sets that have been worn canonically by a character, then add other stuff from there.