Ever want to fight up a capsized ship surrounded by a port? "You bring any apples?"

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When I was considering what my next map would be, I knew I wanted to build something surreal. It is a visual style that is very interesting to me. The second decision I made is that i would utilize the Pillar. I don’t see it used all that often in the maps that are posted and I felt it presented a unique challenge.

The first thing I realized is that to make the map work, I needed some sort of structure in the water. At first I came to the obvious choice, which is a ship. But then i realized that I had seen so many ship maps floating around it just wasn’t interesting to me anymore. (Pun Intended) Then I had a great original idea, “What about a capsized boat?”

Having a capsized boat in the map made the map look very interesting, but it allowed a very interesting thing to happen on the inside. Rather than build the inside like any normal structure, I designed the interior to be vertical, as if the ships normal structure remained even though it had been turned on the side. Then I layered ramps so that the player could navigate the map, using the added navigation to look as though it had been added after the shipwreck.

The effect was as i desired, floors become walls and walls become floors. You ascend through doors rather than walk through them. It takes a little adjusting to as you initially move through the map, but it quickly becomes easy to navigate while maintaining a unique visual style. The ship contains a sniper rifle on the top floor.

Then I moved onto the settlement of Haven. Each building takes a unique shape while looking as part of the whole. As you exit the shipwreck you come upon several option. You can go up left or right. Or hop across the water to a teleporter that instantly takes you to the upper level of the map.

On the right side the ramp leads to a two room building and then up to a round bunker. I used two bunkers right on top of each other and then flipped the top ones. This creates a drop down in the middle of the building with man cannons to bring you right back up to the second floor.

On the left side you are brought up to a series of buildings that leads up to another circular structure, this one much more open than the other, The sniper rifle can be found in the center of this structure. One of the buildings also contains the exit to the teleport that is found down by the ship.

Both sides are then connected by the natural paths of the pillar. A platform in the middle contains the rocket launcher. The result of the settlement opposite of the shipwreck, is a very interesting, surreal map that contains many different styles of buildings that come together to form a very cohesive looking and performing map.

Weapons List:
1 Rocket Launcher
1 Grenade Launcher
2 Shotguns
2 Sniper Rifles
6 Assault Rifles
6 Magnums
2 Plasma Pistols
3 Needlers
16 Frag Grenades
16 Plasma Grenades