EVENT THEORIES Why Yoroi event is split up

SO I think the reason the Yoroi Event is going to end this month and startup in January is because we are getting a second Free event in December. Im going to guess winter contingency is next. I feel like they will have one big event. Each season that split along the whole season.

So On December in we get Winter Contingency, than we get Yoroi back…

Than it ends again, followed by another event between Yoroi ending and beginnong again.

Just a theory but I feel like that’s how they are going to handle events.

It could be that they want time to apply feedback and improvements.


Oh wait your serious let me laugh even harder


No but for real though it’s so they can sell more $20 weekly store variants for the core rather than just one.

Oh no I’m dead serious, but don’t worry you will be able to buy the color light green with slight red for 20 bucks on the winter contingency event.

Yea the monetization in this game is predatory at the very least. Unless you have deep pockets you won’t get to really customize your Spartan… Not to mention armor Coatings locked to each Armore core.

343 really knows how to dime and nickel us.