Event. It rewarding

Ok so I went out of town and wasn’t around an ax ox for a few days so I figured this event would be based around us having lives away from our system.

But right now I can back booted it up played a round and it rewarded me one thing. Ok cool figured I missed like 3 days I would play three rounds and unlock 3 items.

Gone on my third round and still only unlocked 1 item

Is the event broken like everything else, or basically if I was away and actually spending time with my family I miss out on free content now.

I’m at rank 4 and there is 6 days left which means I may unlock all of it.

But if it’s working as intended that would mean that if your not at rank 4 by today, aka went out of town you are not going to unlock everything.

I heard there was. Some glitch but yes anyone else has info this issue

This article has information about this:


If the daily things finish on 30th December and the event goes to 4th January, perhaps the missing ones appear on 31st December.

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Thank you very much, hopefully it’s that way

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