Event - Feedback for 343

Look I’m good with you guys figuring out the progression and testing season 1 so that season 2 is better and whatnot, but if you guys have events midseason that should be its own challenge list it shouldn’t be mixed in with the weekly stuff. Hell just show me all 30 challenges so I could get them over within like 10 games what’s the issue with people playing how they want to play? If someone wants to do 2 a day and someone else wants to get 20 in a day why not let them it’s all about player choice, isn’t it?

If I have 6 days to complete an event challenge I shouldn’t only be getting 6 challenges when there are 30 levels. I know it’s coming back later throughout the season but what’s to say you don’t add more stuff to grind for later down the road and I never got event challenges to even complete the event and get the timed items … that would suck for everyone no?

I know this is going to have flaws this is a first for everyone just hope you consider some changes when the event comes back in a couple months.

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