Event ends before weekly reset?!

Okay now this is just embarrassing 343…

I mean I am normally the guy who defends 343 because I am maybe a bit blind because of my love for the Halo Franchise.

BUT This Time they messed up the most basic thing… The event and weekly timers

Alright so what pisses me off is: I just came home from university and tough alright 2h to finish the weekly’s. I got 3 event challenges active and 4 upcoming everything could be done together but hey Last Spartan standing was removed from the matchmaking…

I mean come on, at least remove the event challenges with it and give us normal challenges but now the ultimate challenge is locked behind undoable challenges…

343 you can do better!

I am sure I am not the only one who is disappointed with that “timing” decision. Lets hope they will read this and keep that in mind for the next time to synch weekly reset timer with the event duration.




Having the same problem. I got all the way to the weekly ultimate challenge and Last Spartan Standing disappeared. Challenge locked. No weekly reward. I submitted a ticket but I’ll never get all those hours back.

I’ve had the exact same issue. Well, near enough. I had 12 kills left out of 30 for the Ultimate Challenge and the game mode just wasn’t there. I left my console on with my screen still in the game mode and it just broke when I tried to search for a match. Fuming

They posted on Twitter that this was a bug and have now fixed it. If you were unable to complete your Interference event, they have requested that you submit a support ticket.