Event Challenges.....where are they?

Well, this place is becoming familiar to me, now the current event has become annoying alongside the battlepass…

So, got up to level 3 of the event with the challenges the game provides, and well, only had 3 challenges since the event started and all in 1 day, where are the challenges? If we have to buy the premium slot for even challenges, then that is a mistake to make. Am already annoyed by the lack of battlepass XP you get to progress through yet alone the lack of Event challenges.

They have a great launch for gameplay and what we got early, but the XP earn rate for Battlepass and the severe lack off, or virtually none, challenges for the event has made it annoying.

Its difficult to put a good opinion on this game, the gameplay is great but the Battlepass and Event have so far been poorly planned and badly executed.