Event challenges tab

Event challenges should be a separate entity not combined with regular challenges. I just wanna play they event but no I have to go play some ranked games or get kill with a fusion coil or play odd ball. Before I can do event challenges. This is just pathetic now. So many problems with this game.

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I agree with this so so much…. The challenge system is stupid first of all I need to remember each challenge before going into the game. Why can’t you have it in the start menu like reach……

Second I hate how everyone chases challenges and takes away from the competitive side that 343 normally appeals too.

Third this event is dumb with how the system is set up

Anyone else have an issue with the frequency that they got challenges? I only got 7 before I completed all my weekly challenges. So what now? I cant progress this event thats only out for one week at a time and three weeks total it seems? If its only appearing three weeks and I only get 7 challenges how am I supposed to get the rewards?

Yeah, you should be able to complete every weekly challenge you have at the same time instead of only having 4 available at all times

it’s even more annoying when you complete the requirements for a challenge that are in your upcoming challenge backlog.

Sorry I meant the Event Challenges specifically. I was only given 7 for the Tenrai event. Ive done all my weeklies and now I cant even get even challenges for the progress on the event.