Event challenges not showing up in challenges tab

Sounds like you’re saying it’s daily. The challenge makes no sense. This should be clear in-game. I played other day and got stuff then today I got nothing. Makes me wonder if there’s a secret timer or if I’m supposed to do a specific challenge on each day. It just feels like a disorganised mess.

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It’s not working at all!

The time is not secret, it’s just the daily reset timer. So you still need to wait 2 hours and 49 minutes before the new ‘day’.

Remember that this game is played around the globe and the reset is at the same moment for everybody, so the daily reset isn’t at midnight therefore. Here in Europe (CET) its at 19:00 (7pm).

Except it is hidden. I see no timers on any of the UI’s and only way I found out when dailys seem to reset is some random reddit page based on some theory/claim. The fact is 343i have not made any of this clear.

Go to the page with the challenges (top right). On that page it says after “daily” the time untill the daily reset (and after weekly the time untill the weekly reset).

Umm I guess so. I really wish they would make this more clear since was confusing enough switching between timed and main events.

bro i played in the morning and played several matches and i didnt get any of the battle pass its not working

i dont get it because i played today and it hasn’t worked

I’ve played 4 quick plays and one fiesta and still haven’t unlocked day 2 reward. Smh.

the 2nd day just started (7 mins ago), so how were you able to play 5 matches in that little time?

Yes, it’s definitely daily. Your first match after daily reset (6pm for me in the UK) should unlock the next reward for that day. Only 1 step on the event pass is possible each day.

You have to wait till the reset for it to work, also you only get one reward a day

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I did this but it didn’t complete a day so that tells me there’s a challenge or something associated with it. It’s really frustrating that it’s not just easy.

I did one match and got nothing. haven’t played at all since this started.

I agree with that at least but a better explanation for the changes made to the event system would have cleared all this up, if it was in the feed it should have been better communicated to the community because personally I didn’t know about the change since it literally tells you “event challenges” but no challenges to speak of so I feel it was just a bit of laziness.

The only challenge is to play one game a day after reset to earn event rewards

Hey I also have a question, there’s an event going on right now and the challenges completely disappear and I can’t do the event anymore do you know how to fix it?