Event Challenges and Challenge System Need Change

I really dislike how the challenge system works on this game, it really feels like 343I must decided to treat this game like a mobile game and decided to make the challenge system completely dreadful in order to push players into paying.

Only 3 active challenges (4 if pay for premium)

Why? Why cant we progress all weekly challenges simultaneously? Or why cant we at least swap in challenges on the fly to progress them? Why do I have to keep switching playlists because i cant put together challenges that I could do simultaneously together?

Then add to that the new event where its supposed to be fiesta focused, however you need to keep switching playlists to finish other challenges to manage to get the event ones into your active slots?

Also get rid of the dumb random/luck based challenges we know you guys want money and have gone the “Lets create a problem and then sell the solution back to the players” route.

Its painfully obvious you want the challenges to be so annoying people feel the need to purchase extra challenge swaps for 200 points a pop.

Well i aint spending a single dime on MTs, Halo never needed MTs to begin with, you started this horrible trend with H5 and now look were we are.

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The challenge system is awful. Period. I have one more event challenge to do and I can’t get to it unless I win 3 ranked matches…all my challenges are win ranked matches which I have zero interest in playing.


There’s also an issue with matching specific modes/maps to deny even the opportunity to complete challenges. I played a BTB match in which I got 3 Kongs to complete the “Fusion Frenzy” weekly challenge. After the match, my challenge bar progresses to reveal that the game is going to just call it 2 instead of 3, preventing the completion of that challenge. The next 12-15 matches I join don’t have any fusion coils. Tried Quick Play & BTB. I have zero issue grinding for unlocks (within reason), but this is the same kind of stuff EA got in legal trouble for after the release of Battlefront II. Matchmaking prioritized to manipulate players. It’s incredibly disappointing as a 20-year fan to see such a petty system in place.