Event BP completed?

So, attrition came, had 10 levels, was available for two weeks with 20 related challenges.
Tenrai is back for its third week, I now have 27 out of 30 levels, three more on week 4 and the BP is complete. After that it’s two more weeks at some point.

Please let us get normal challenges and not event ones if we’ve completed an event BP.

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I second this. I don’t enjoy the mode.

I don’t like being forced to play stuff I don’t want to in order to complete the weekly capstones.

If I’ve completed the event, let me write it off and be done with it.

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While I have found enjoyment in Attrition and Fiesta, it’s exhausting playing match after match, especially when ones performance suffer and a challenge which could take three or four matches drags out to double the amount.

This. FFA gets insta binned for me

Exactly. And then they could have it so that the swapped out ones are more “general” ones which would be achievable in the event, for those who wish to participate in the event.
If it’s not toggable on log on.
“You’ve completed the event Battlepass, would like you to swap out the event challenges for non-event challenges?”

“yup / nah”