Even Twitter is done

I quick glance at Twitter or a deep scroll tells the same story. The multi million dollar corp guards are even standing down. Twitter is begining to look like the forums.

People are complaining over the shop. They could care less or think it’s stupid to even have this waypoint story time crap. And why is that even a priority?

I get it’s for the line wolves season, and yeah it feels like a gear up for some Spartan ops crap. And maybe that’s what this is. Our Spartans are stuck at the academy dealing with this political red tape Jerry’s and can’t get out in the field (a metaphor for why our current year and likely next will suck in everyway.)

I hate to see cosmetics and the store become a priority before gameplay and UI, but it’s as if the forums don’t exist and Twitter and reddit control the eyes of 343. To them the store matters most, and between the price raise again, and this strange story thing(?), And this WHOLE EMBLEM THING 343 is in some hot water that’s getting hotter it seems…

There’s little to no one defending them now. And honestly, it’s as sad to see as it is infuriating to be a part of.


I think you can keep discussion of twitter confined to twitter