Even more armor in the store…

Why…just why? Aren’t we supposed to go back to the core of halo not regressing into fortnite. Zvezda was an armor set I saw in the flight and wanted to use because I love EVA type armor and now I have no chance to use it unless I shill 20 bucks to get it. That’s one set gone forever if it’s stuck like that. Now another set rendered unobtainable by any in game standard, ISR. 10 dollars to get this one too. I seriously don’t see this giving anyone a good taste in their mouth when they look at infinite. When 90% of the armor is locked behind a paywall in a HALO GAME then something is wrong. Fix it, please.


Totally agree. This is what happens when a game comes out “free to play”

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I feel like Halo Infinite Multiplayer is Free To Play but not free to unlock literally anything beyond what you get for free. I can understand having certain things behind paywall. Like a skin from an eSports team or a battle pass. But Halo Infinite has already gone way too far with this.

343 needs to fix a lot on how one goes about aquiring cosmetics or this game will absolutely not last the years and years they want it to.

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They have acknowledged the challenge issues, now I hope they talk about this, they could easily put some credits as a reward in the capstone challenge to make store stuff at least somehow available to everyone.

I know they’ve acknowledged it but as to how far they’ll go to address this I’m worried. I do like the idea of having the paid credits available through challenges and such. Lots of other games do this and it gives players more opportunities of going after gear they want in a way that they want to.

The right decisions could go a long way in this circumstance. I have faith 343 will feel the community out on this.

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I do believe that 343 will fix this yes, this seems to be a trend from Microsoft, propose something controversial and see if it goes through, if it doesn’t, fix it and act like you only want what’s best for the players…

(For example the trick they tried to make with Xbox live not long ago)