Even h5 was better than this

Your charging £14.39 for a armour effect,no selectable colours,no way to gain credits without paying which even games like fortnite can manage to pull off and we all know how much that game tears into your wallet,you continuously roll out btb challenges inspite of admitting its broken,you lock armour customisation to ‘armour cores’ despite there being no issues as proved by modders (keep in mind it took them minimal effort to add cross-core customisation) and you blame the playerbase instead as proven by the halo subreddit (I’m not saying everything the playerbase said there was justified) but you can’t even make a good apology,your apology was worse than Logan Paul’s or tommyinnits ffs.you took 20 levels out of the battle pass just so you could sell it in the store. You sell 2000 credits for £14.39 and wonder why people complain (you literally just have to lower the prices and ppl might, yknow, BUY it?)


I’ve noticed that the weapons are pretty weak. It should not take 4 close range shots with the bulldog to kill someone. The shotgun is a typically strong weapon in all the games. It shouldn’t take but 2 shots to kill someone. The grenades seem to be weaker as well. These weapons need to be more powerful to stay true to Halo. It overall feels more like COD than Halo.

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