EVAC- A Halo Reach and Halo 4 New Game Type

Spartan Team Aurora is currently working on getting a new game type promoted called EVAC. If it takes off and is successful, it could hopefully end up in Halo 4. The objective is to evacuate the map from the infected (with any luck this will be flood in Halo 4) you have 12 minutes to do this. During your evacuation you have to get pass a number of traps, open locked doors and survive.

Scoring is as follows, Zombie’s kills count as 1 point each, Human’s that kill Zombies get no points unless in the Pelican’s (hill marker) If in the hill marker they get 5 points a kill. If a Human is the pelican and they survive the 12 minutes without getting infected they receive 10 points. The hill marker does not give any extra shields or abilities it only enables human to score points. (It’s not like a Reach Safe havens game)

To show you what the maps are like and how the game is played here is a link to my bungie.net file share. Download the Video called EVAC and watch it. It shows you one of the seven EVAC maps. This one is called Rock Face

If you want to play the new upcoming game type message me over Xbox live and ill fill you in. Gamer tag -Rhetor0 (the 0 at the end or Rhetor0 is a zero)

If you want to get better at the game, get tips and tricks, know about updates and be a part of a clan join the 162nd ODST, by going to http://spartanteamaurora.webs.com/ we will teach you how to EVAC and work as a team.