Euro's,Aussie's,Americans looking for a clan?

Hello, I am Pfc. Ueio of the Dropshock Brigade. Im not going to copy an paste recruitment ads like the normal people do. This is straight from thought at the moment lol. I am a part of a great clan/community called the Dropshock Brigade. We have members that are competetive and casual so there is deffinantly a place for you. The Brigade has been around for about 4 years and is very well organized. We have active duty military and even past military members. We are a global clan that reaches from America to Europe and even Australia. In fact there 6 American Platoons, 4 European Platoons and 2 Australian Platoons. Each Platoon has approximately 8 members each. Plus there are the higher ups that run the companies and arent in platoons. Anyways if anyone is interested either message me on XBL. My Gamertag is: DSB Ueio or click on the link to visit the site → Dropshock Brigade