European players ruining the game experience

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I’m not sure what it is but the last 2 games I’ve been in i cant even play because the intense lag of from the european host i dont understand why i’m being placed with them but the game is far from playable matchmaking normally sorts different nations out of most of my games but it is not anymore is there anything i can do to avoid this? i have anywhere from 4-6 second delays in my controls and frame drops

Dude you gotta reword that big time. You cant post blame on players from around the world like that. To be fair they have just as much right to blame us if they had a lag filled game. BUt it aint cool dude to post a statement such as that. I miss the days of Halo 3 at 3am and talking with guys from around the world

Welcome to like eight years ago.

*Poor matchmaking ruining the gaming experience.

It’s not us Europeans fault. We don’t want you in our games either.

I don’t really have that many problems with US players, so long as they’re East Coast, or at the very most, central.

It would be nice if 343i reimplemented the local search toggle. God only knows why they took it out.

You should be blaming 343i for not giving us search filters, like past halo games.
Not the loyal fans that play this game around the world, they have the same issues with you, stop being so ignorant and selfish.

Reporting this thread.

> God only knows why they took it out.

Story of Halo 4

It seems rather harsh that you’re placing the blame on players who live on the other side of the world. Personally, I’ve played with my fair share of European players and only very rarely ever experience any problems, and when I do, it’s only minor lag that doesn’t affect me much.

I love how this thread is outright blaming the Europeans.

How do you think Europeans feel playing with Americans, particularly since Americans get host more often?

Dumb thread is indeed -Yoinking!- dumb. Unsurprising, but outright stupid nonetheless.

Also, 4-6 seconds? FOUR SECONDS OF LAG? I disbelieve. I had a game 2 V 8 on Japanese/American Host, that was a solid 2 seconds (which surprised me) but 4 seconds, nevermind 6?

I think not.

Trust me, they don’t enjoy playing with you either.

Oh, and regional searches don’t always help that much either, I suggest checking your connections as well.

> It would be nice if 343i reimplemented the local search toggle.

That didn’t even help that much, tbh. In Reach, I was still getting plenty of games with foreigners.

Wow there…

Please. Rename thread to—

“Lack of regional search restriction ruins online experience”

Title of this thread screams “'Merrricaaaa, Blam Yeaaa”

I never have a problem with European players connection wise, and i’m in Central Canada.

It’s 343’s broken matchmaking, not the Europeans fault.

Yeah. It’s the Europeans fault.

I love how idiots like you claim that just because someone from Europe is in the game that INSTANTLY means it’s their connection.

Maybe it’s your shoddy Walmart connection. Ever considered that?

> *Poor matchmaking ruining the gaming experience.

This is the problem.

It isn’t any of our faults. 343 is to blame for their dodgy matchmaking system and removing the play with people from your area options we have had for ages.