Euro halo 5 experienced players for h5 team needed

Hey guys.In my country in Sweden I am trying to get the esports gaming up when it comes to console e-sports and i am In talks with an internet cafe that has LAN tournaments for pc e-sport games to see if that cafe can be a training ground for console e-sports..On xbox one games for my part and I am looking for 3 players anywhere in Europe who has experience playing halo mcc and is playing halo 5.If you know call outs,teamwork,communication, friendly attitude, and want to help me bring e-sport to the table(especially in Scandinavia as esport here for consoles is non existent I am trying to change that even if most people arent interested or have little interest asI have issues finding players so far, and I have joined a facebook grou so we will have to see what they think about this.Even if we live far away from each-other if we can form a team, perhaps when playing mcc or halo 5 on xbl and later name the team and find a way to be sponsored .Now when it comes to participating in tournaments and how to sign up and where to do that will come later depending on where we live, with jobs and school which we will have to talk about it, the sooner the better.Reply to this topic and/or add me on xbl and join my party if I have started one or invite me:) if this is the wrong forum to post then I hope a moderator can move this to the hcs forum