EU player still being matched with NA players.

Its almost been 11 months since release as well as a beta beforehand and I’m still being matched with players from NA on NA servers basically every match. The search preferences don’t even help one bit and as a result each match I suffer from hits not registering quick enough, killed around corners and stupidly high ping etc.

Any sign of Dedicated Servers being used for EU players in the future? Because Halo 5’s MP has basically been unplayable for me since launch as a result of this issue. All the free content is great but I just want to experience all of it with much better matchmaking.

I have the problem that i cant find players in sertain playmodes. BTB or breakout, warzone assault. just as examples.

It is very hard to compeat against the NA player who literely sit next to the server you play on. But 343/micrsoft seem to only fokus on the NA market. or?

Yep same here. I use focused most of the time and still I got lobbies full of Americans 90% of the time. I’ve pretty much given up on SWAT entirely now (it was my favourite game mode), its literally impossible to play it with the huge amount of latency. My head shots never register and I repeatedly get killed round corners etc. Beyond a joke is an understatement.