Estuary is the worst f-ing thing

The map is a mess. Spawn points all over the place and no structure at all. Needs to be removed from BTB.

I really really love Estuary, actually. One of the best maps in the playlist, especially since it looks and feels like it came right out of Halo 2.

I haven’t been able to play on it.

Needs slight tweaking, but I actually enjoy Estuary.
Even if I wasn’t a huge fan of it, I’d still take it because it’s a new map for BTB and that playlist needs some love.

75 percent of the btb maps need to be removed…

You might want to change the title or face a lock/ban.

My first time on it, all I did was get destroyed by the enemy banshee. The banshee has WAY too much power in the map, with nothing at base to counter it.

I hate that map

Great Map but I think the Banshee ruins it

The banshee,I can confirm is op as hell on Estuary.I got 43 kills in mm my first time on it.My second time I played it, me and my whole team were slaughtered by it and the guy got 40+ kills on us.There is no legitimate way or weapon to counter it except with your banshee and you get spawn killed before u get into it… It amazes me how this guy got 2 maps into BTB matchmaking even with broken gameplay on this map. I personally dont think anyone should get 2 maps in when there’s so many good forgers out there who pretty much forge all day and night hoping to get a map into mm one day… Nothing against him, but man it must reaal nice to have 2 of your maps get in… I know hes not the only one either.

The real fun is when the enemy team gets both Banshees…

There’s also the problem of people using it to get out of the map.

I don’t think it’s the best map and does look like it was just thrown together, but variety is the spice of life, so the more maps the better I say. I’ve had some decent games on it too.

Yes, they need to remove it or remade it…