How many people will you guys think be on matchmaking when the game comes out?? I predict about 1,000,000 players at the most. Just so excited for the game!!!



> 1170000

I see what you did there

I am going to say around 1 million

> 1170000

smart guy lol

My estimation is a little over 1 million.

> 1170000

around 700,000 for the first day, next day ~ 1,200,000

Halo 3 was over 1 million, if you think Halo 4 is going to be less you’re crazy. From what we’ve been seeing/hearing – Halo 4 is bringing back core players from H2, H3, and Reach. As expected it should be the best, being the newest.

People forget quite a few Bungie employees left in the months after H2 was released and are now with 343. Its no joke why this game is for real. I haven’t felt this way about a game since Halo 2 was coming out, for those of you that played then, you know the feeling. Tell me you don’t get chills from watching the Dr. Halsey Prologue.

Welcome to the feeling of Halo: CE/Halo 2 all over again.

As for my guess – I’ll put first day/weekend peak population between 2-2.5 million.