Especulation about Halo 3 Anniversary technology

Hi guys,

I’ve been thinking about next year it’s 10th Halo 3 anniversary and it’s pretty obvious that everybody wants it and it’s a big deal to sell some “Scorpios”. Today, we know that Microsoft promised native 4K for every game produced by it’s game developers, while 343i is focusing on 60fps.

We had Battlefield 1 in our consoles a month ago, and we’ll put that One in it’s worse scenario runs the game at 720p/60fps. 720p is a bit less than a half of 1080p. Halo 5 and Gears 4 report near to 1080p resolutions, in the case of Gears 4, visually over Halo 5, at 30fps. If we need about x2.1 Xbox One raw power to reach 1080/60 in Battlefield 1, and we can especulate that with this increase of performance we could get the game at 1440p/30fps… Isn’t fair to think that Scorpio will be able to move Battlefeld 1 graphics at 4K/30fps?

Assuming that, 343i will still think in 60fps, but Microsoft (or Xbox) will stand in native 4K, but 4K/60fps isnt even possible in most 4K TVs and games graphics with AMD’s 6TFLOPS GPU won’t be a big deal. So, this is the point. 1440p is a bit less than a half 4K. Isnt the clearest option to release Halo 3 Anniversary with Battlefield 1 graphics scale with 1440p/60fps or 4K/30fps options?

Very excited about a Halo 3 remake with Frostbite 3 level graphics.

Looks like you missed the memo

Please, focus your H3A excitement here;