espartan error in halo waipoint ¡help please!

I have a problem, my espartan when I reach the game of halo appears as I have normally but when I enter waypoint halo appears to me not what I have, for example I have put the eva (c) as a helmet but when I enter waypoint halo I get that first helmet tengoel all this started when I was playing my internet Sefue campaign and after this I got out of the game and when I got the credits appeared to me the default espartan but my gamertag i jmvxcozmo coffee and then I normally appeared perosolo in the game that when I see him I get the espartan waypoint default, please I need help (sorry if my English is bad is that I speak Spanish and use the google translator)

Sorry, but you might want to try another translator. Google Translate isn’t the best, and I don’t understand what your problem is. (Not sure if this is what you mean, but your Spartan on Waypoint doesn’t update as fast as in the game.)

This has happened sometimes with people’s spartans (setting to default), but it should go to normal soon.

O, en espanol: (Excusa mi espanol, por favor. Es un poco mal.)

Este hacía a veces con los modelos espartanos de la gente (poner al configuración por defecto), pero debe ir a hacer normal pronto, o casi pronto.

Espero ese te ayuda. (Otra vez, excusa mi espanol malo, jaja)

First, Bienvenido a Halo Waypoint!

The Spartan on this site will update in time.