error with the eternal warden

well, i’e been playing halo in warzone and i killed the eternal warden 3 times, when the game ends i can see the bosses i killed and it is there, but my commendations not increase, the problem has started recently, 2 weeks ago.
some people say that it happens because i didn’t kill him and i just helped to kill him but before it didn’t happened, allways i got the medal my commendations increases

In game Legendary and Boss takedown medals can be kills or assists. When it pops up, check the text in the lower left. It will say “You killed [enemy]” or “Your teammates killed [enemy]”. For the specific enemy commendations like Warden, you have to get the actual kill shot, not just an assist. You just have to keep playing and keep trying to hit his weak spot for the kill. A lot of the time it comes down to luck and slight differences in latency between players going for the kill.