Error with my custom challenges

When i go to turn in my credits i still have to wait the normal 3 hours. when that’s over it shows that i normally completed the challenge on such and such date Example 12/03/12 ,
But after that it never gives me the credits into my actual halo reach account on my xbox. So now I have a stack of custom challenges (30+) on the 343 site stating i have gotten X amount of credits with nothing to show for.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I have been making good use of the bonus cR for the onager over the last few days - 120 kills = 50,000cR. Which is awesome - thanks BS Angel and the guy who suggested it.

I have noticed that my cR on Waypoint are higher than the cR on Reach, plus I haven’t noticed my Reach cR increasing as the custom challenges complete. Hopefully they don’t all come in at once and blow the daily cap - probably though - it will stop people -Yoink!- the opportunity.