Error whit dlc maps halo 4

I can not play maps halo 4 that when starting multiplayer tells me “do not have the recommended download content.” Can anyone help me solve this ?, thanks.

pd, sorry my English. :c

“do not have the recommended download content.”

That message only means that you don’t own ALL of the map packs. You can still play the multiplayer, just not the missing DLC maps.

but i bought the season pass for the maps, and downloaded the maps inside game in the store, the license for this game is mine.

It sounds like you don’t have the Bullesye Map Pack which includes Pitfall and Vertigo.

Also, have you downloaded Forge Island as well? That DLC is free.

amm, no, i don’t have the Bullseye Map Pack, perhaps is really necessary?

but i need buy the Bullseye Map Pack for play all maps in the multiplayer? also i don’t think necessary have all dlc or yea?

You do not need the Bulleseye Map Pack to play, no. :slight_smile:

You are not REQUIRED to have any/all DLC at all so you can ignore that text.

However, I DO recommend you get Forge Island. That’s free. :slight_smile:

i’m sorry late reply.

at the other day, i played in Skyline, this map comes along in the DLC Majestic, is rare, if this message say “not have the recommended downloaded”, but it’s fine, thanks for help, and again, im sorry for my english :c

Don’t apologize, you did fine. :slight_smile:

The only thing you don’t have that’s “recommended” is the Bulleseye Maps. But you can still play without them so it’s okay!

Glad you got to play Skyline. :slight_smile: