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It won’t let me add new topics to Halo 5 forums

"Ok so I’m sure you remember clash of clans, a game I really didn’t play much. You remember when they added clan wars? It was pretty cool. Now what about wargamming? Their clan wars are really cool for their games but are still in development I believe. I was thinking some clan on clan (or as you call them “Spartan Companies”) action would be sweet. If this is already in the works and I’m just stupid then whatever.

Otherwise, it could work great; the clan v clan would be special in the Spartan company screen and you could only attack clans that have +/-1 difference of players or the combined CSR or otherwise calculated through gameplay like KDA, Accuracy, Win/Loss etc. Ok so it would work like a Warzone match, which probably would bring 343 more sales from packs, and the clan would “declare war” and would wait for the other clan to get ready and whatever. I realize obviously this could take a while for most clans to get their players together and organize times they can all play. So here’s the catch, there is a larger Spartan “Army” one for each of the main colors in the game. The Spartan Companies can request assistance from players in the same “Army” and each player in the “Army” will get a notification- not an annoying one- that a company needs assistance. In total I imagine that after one company “declares war” it would take 2-5 days, and there would be a timer for automatic forfeit and a vote for forfeit so really 343 could cap it at 5 days. Companies could only be in one “war” at a time and players that are getting ready would not get notifications from the rest of the “Army”. Another thing, the “Army” and the Spartan companies would get a competitive rating similar to the CSR and there would be another screen added, the war room. Here players can see all members of the “Army” and see the progress of the “war” which would take place just on a map of several star systems with figurative borders, fleets and whatnot. Enough losses would result in lost territory and vice versa. Taking a system would give players in the “Army” a pack similar to the daily login/daily win packs. The better your clan is the higher your chances are at legendary loot from these packs. These “wars” take the same amount of time as the active CSR seasons. Companies (not players) that remain inactive for a 30 days in the “war room” would be removed from this clan v clan stuff and given temporary ban like say until the next season.

So, thoughts? Maybe someone in 343 sees this? Maybe I wasted my time because they already are implementing interclan competitions? Improvements?"

^^^ This is what I’m trying to post and I title it “Spartan Company…WAR!!!” in the “General” field. I have tried it in Spartan Companies as well to no avail and i get this
“Error trying to create post.”
I have also tried shortening it and with chrome and IE and on my phone off the wifi.