Error retrieving data at end of game

So lately been having this issue at carnage screen it says retrieving data and after a few seconds it says it couldn’t and no credit is given for the round

I’m having the same problem every few games. Doesn’t happen too often though. Maybe 2 out of 10 games. Some people say you should hard reset your box if it keeps happening.

I have the same problem but I still get my credits. If it happens again just go to the requisition store and check your credits. It should appear after a few seconds.

Having the same issue. Even have screenshots to show the error and that no credits are being awarded for completing the match. I’ve reset my Xbox and tested my internet connection. I have establish the issue is with the halo 5 servers and this needs to be corrected. I also purchased req packs and received errors losing all of my req points and not being awarded anything.

dat bump

same here, retrieving data… again and again. that does not happen every game but its very frustrating when you have to quit the game to solve the problem. and even there! sometime the game still says “retrieving data” when I try to open de req store! for god shake fix this please

Same thing here…Can’t see some SR’s either

Happens once in a great while to me. But the points typicaly show up shortly after

This is happening to me right now I’m trying to figure What is going on cuz I can’t even connect to a -Yoink!- game! rofl

had that happen the other day. played a match without getting anything. I get a match here and there where I cant access my reqs.

This has been happening to me like every week since December, -Yoink- blows. I wish they could get rid of that problem.

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> Happens once in a great while to me. But the points typicaly show up shortly after

Yeah that will happen to me, but like the following day. I can still play but i can’t see stats or get points but the next day i login i will have a -Yoink- load of req points. Its cool still being able to play while the games -Yoinked!- like that, but it just kills my mood like all this “retrieving data” ughhhh :frowning:

Try hard booting your Xbox, that worked for a “retrieving data” problem I had.

This is an issue I dont think 343 has adressed about its servers. I still get the credit but I never get to see the report and it happens to my friends at the same time

Can MS/343 Please fix the -Yoinking!- servers because This is annoying

I can’t help but wonder if when this happens the game counts as a DNF would explain why people who claim to not be quitting keep getting quit ban

you finish a game the game doesn’t register the results thinks you quit counts as a DNF and thusly is contributing to bans


if you look at the last 4 matches I played, they’re all “Wins” except they were all ‘failed to load data’ and I’m banned from arena and have the same req point score since 4 matches ago.
I also want to point out powercycling the xbox (alongside git bettur int0rnat) is a bullpoop “fix” for this as I have been experiencing this since 343 moved and I have been regularily cycling power.

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> Can MS/343 Please fix the -Yoinking!- servers because This is annoying

Xbl core services are not working properly. For the same reason, some are having issues finding games and connecting to lobbies. It’s not a halo/343 issue, it’s XBL.

This has been happening to me excessively for the last two weeks. I’ve had to force exit halo because it does the “retrieving data” at the end of a match like 3-4 times a day, and it carries over into Warzone so I can never ever use my reqs or change my load out.

Has the same issue but I think its more internet related than game. Usually goes back to normal after a while, and I have a massive backlog of REQ points to use.