ERROR On my Special Edition OF HALO 4

Hi 343 industries I´m Adan and I´m from Mexico, and I´m looking for your support and your help.

Well, I bougth Halo 4 special edition when it came out, and everything was ok until a feww months ago when suddenly an error message appers on the screen and till now it still appers and doesnt allow me to play the game anymore.

The message gives the error code 03-57-00, which says the disc can not be read I dont now why because everything was ok with the game, so I called xbox support and we checked every step on the page to make it work but nothing happend so I´m looking for your help in order to have a solution because I actually bought xbox 360 just for this game and a few others and Ilove this game thats why I boght this edition.

So please help me.

Thanjks for your attention and I will be waiting for your answer.

Hello Adan. The error code you have provided means that there is a problem with your game disc, meaning its either dirty or damaged. Is there any way you could use another disc, maybe from a friend, and try loading to see what happens? If it works then it is a problem with your disc and you will need another copy of the game.

Hi …

Yes I already tried this solution, In fact my little cousing lent me his halo 4 and it worked. But the question is do I need to buy again the game? or you could help, becuse I saved the game on my hard drive and ask me for the disc, so I was wondering if thers another way to make it work without the disc?.


You could ask the retailer you bought it from if they can replace the disc for you, I’m sure they would be able to either replace it or run a disc cleaner over it. Failing that, I’m sure Microsoft has something set up for faulty game discs. Might be worth looking into that as well