Error buying a gold Req pack - Halo 5


I’m having a problem with Halo 5 REQ system
Last week on thursday 23-06-15, i baught a 10k points Gold REQ Pack, but when i did, i had an Error telling me that i couldn’t buy it, but my points were gone and i got nothing in reward. I read on forum that i should wait and see if my points aren’t coming back but, today i checked i still don’t have any points back. It’s one of my first Gold pack, so it’s easy for me to see what i could have unlock but i got nothing Epic or Legendary new so it’s not like it skipped the opening animation. (i finish bronze and silver pack so it’s 100% sure it should have unlock at least 2 Epic or Legendary item … ). So where are my item or points?

Could you help solve my problem? thank you

double check, there are insurance accustom your requisitions so passes through the large number of bugs, but it happens so often, suddenly you’re seeing alo he was not there, so I got the gun halo CE

And also should fix that 343

You could have unlocked ultra rares. If your points were taken, the gold pack items were added to your inventory.