Error authorizing with Halo 5

Every night for the past 6 weeks, I have to spend at least an hour re-setting Halo 5 to avoid the following two warnings:

1st Error = ATTENTION - Error authorizing with Halo 5: Guardian services. You will be unable to access online game modes

As soon as tap ‘A’ to accept the message, another error pops up immediately.

2nd Error = Profile Sync Error

So now I’m on the title screen at level 1 with a default emblem, with no unlocks available. Most of the time when I select a lobby it will just get stuck in an endless loading loop. Other times I might find a game, but I have no reqs so I’m already at a disadvantage.

Is anyone else experiencing this error, or know of a fix?

It’s not an issue with my internet because all other games run fine, ping is normal and so is the download speed (around 10-15mbps). It’s a H5 server issue, but why it picks me every night I am clueless. It’s so -Yoinking!- stupid because this never use to happen and now it happens every day!

Oh and forgot to mention, when my Halo 5 does this every night, it’s almost impossible to load up the halo waypoint forums because ‘the server cannot be found’. Unstable much?