Error authorizing user

This is a very recent problem, everything was working fine two days ago but now i am constantly being greeted with “Error authorizing user with Halo 5: Guardians services. You will be unable to access online modes.” I’ve tried resetting the modem and router, tried hard resetting many times, nothing. On the rare occasion i don’t see this message, my profile doesn’t sync, and on the rare occasion it does, it’s not synced fully as half of my stats are either back to zero or not showing at all. On top of that i get “req service unavailable”. I usually get that anyways but it’s normally fixed by closing the game and opening it back up, but not this time. I should also mention i am in the preview program, but that has never caused problems for me with this game anyways. I should also mention that i tested other games and they work flawlessly, so it’s definitely a problem on your end.