Error 500 on wifi

Hello, ever since last week when this game came out… coincidentally won’t load on wifi on my android, pc, and xbox one. Gives error 500 and won’t ping when I try. Everything times out.

Funny thing is that if I use my data on my phone I can access this site (as I’m doing right now)

Any suggestions to fix this? I cleared cache and reset modem/router. Still no good. It sounds like I’m being blocked, but why? This is the only site I know doing this. I’m also certain it’s not a setting on my pc cause again xbox one and my phone while on wifi have this issue

Any administration users know? Please?

Sounds like it’s something on your network / router that is causing the issue. Have you tried switching your DNS to see if it’s maybe a routies issue or something being blocked by your ISP? Try my suggesstion here to switch to Google’s DNS

I will give it a try in a few