Err...What happened to all the Anniversary pl

So I got on today and just for the sake of this post I am an achievement -Yoink!-. And to get these new achievements in Reach with the armor lock and what not you have to play to the big team battle anniversary…But there isn’t one anymore…So what 343i just is denying people the right to get achievements now? What is this…and if the maps are in other playlists someone tell me…
Thanks… I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

All the achievements are still completely possible, just not as easy any more, all the players in your game need to own the Anniversary DLC for the maps to even show up.

But is there a certain playlist that’s best to get the maps?

> But is there a certain playlist that’s best to get the maps?

I advise sticking with playlists that have low maximum team numbers like Team Slayer, Super Slayer or Rumble Pit, all of those feature Armour Lock & Anniversary maps.


FYI Paper beats rocks needs to be done on a defiant map.

If you don’t mind waiting, i am hosting the last week of achievement hunts next week. I have all information here and we usually get about 5-6 people per night. I’ll be hosting maybe Sunday, but for sure on Monday. If you’re interested, shoot me a message on XBL, and of course bring anyone you want.