( Erosion) "Horizon" (DOMINION, FLOOD)

Link to your map (File share isnt set up on waypoint so link will half to wait,
to download map Search “Cherokeechactaw” in gamertag. Because of these events all files on my fileshare are dedicated for this map at present time. So if you download the map, download both the gametypes. (I sadly forgot the name of the gametypes but they are both on my fileshare, plus there the only ones))

After the human-Covie wars end a wealthy oil tycoon had hit hard times, All his workers had been turned to flood and killed by the unsc marines. In the end he sold his oil refinery to the UNSC as a place to train Spartans. Of coarse, the rogue guard bot inside the complex didn’t make the deal easy.

Selling Pitch
Meant for 6v6 dominion or 12 player flood this map hits the key aspects. Its small size allows for defining key CQC.
During dominion all your given is an assault rifle, a magnum, and a grenade. Taking the middle base is the key to winning because the moment its taken its not going to be a cake walk getting it back.
Note: you may note during the game mode dominion there is a huge trolling at blue spawn.

As the flood the game involves 1 flood driven mantis (the rogue guard bot) hunting down 11 spartans threw the oil refinery. The Bot is killable but it wont be easy with out power weapons and only 1 life, so be careful when sticking your head out.

(no images yet but once waypoint is ready they will be posted)

changed a few of the spawns just a little for better run time

the dominion game type is called Pipes
the flood game mode is called Last Exile

Updated the map so the mantis in flood can now walk as it pleases