ermagerd herlp mer!!! web skin

I need help! I preordered my H4 LE at gamestop. We get the forest armor skin… but i really want the web skin :frowning: i was wondering if the webskin will be like the recon helmet in reach, you wont start off with it but you can unlockk it later?

You probably wont be unlockin’ it, but 343 has stated that it’s very likely that all the pre-orders will be available to everyone at a later date.

Pre-order stuff will likely be available later on in the games life. For a price, I assume.

Haha love the title! gersbermps er mer fervert berks

Well you could always get it from here! I want the WEB skin too and I got my LE from Gamestop so I’m in the same situation you’re in, also Microsoft might put the skins up on the Marketplace so I’d wait until we get a for sure answer about that.

You could always try and trade with someone. I don’t think that there are a lot of people who want the forest skin, but hey, you might get lucky.

Should have preordered from Best-Buy. You get two skins from them and a free limited edition Master Chief poster. On top of that, you can buy online and then pick-up in-store on the 6th or have it shipped for free to your house.

That youtube link was the best way to say buy it on ebay xD and I don’t live near abest buy and my town just got a new gamestop, past games i hadto drive 20 milesfor the midnight releasings :frowning: